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UTRIP Summer Internship 2024 in Japan (Fully Funded)

The fully funded UTRIP summer internship program offers the opportunity to train at the University of Tokyo. This esteemed initiative provides recipients of scholarships with the chance to gain expertise and abilities in the realm of Natural Sciences.

The summer internship program offers financial support to international students pursuing postgraduate studies. This exceptional opportunity allows for hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, recipients of the scholarship will have the chance to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and explore iconic landmarks. UTRIP’s summer internship program also includes a comprehensive Japanese language course, providing students with a solid foundation in the language. Learning this new language promises to be an enjoyable endeavor, as participants will have the opportunity to engage in a unique and exciting experience.

After being chosen to take part in the program, you will collaborate with experienced professionals who will oversee and mentor you throughout your research journey. Upon successfully finishing this crucial international training, you will acquire valuable skills and knowledge that can be utilized in your academic pursuits or professional endeavors. It is a prerequisite for applicants to be enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree program.

UTRIP 2024 internship for International Students

Institutions where you will carry out your studies
University of Tokyo, Japan.

Levels and areas of study
Complete summer internship in the field of Natural Sciences.

Who can participate?
International students from anywhere in the world who are pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree.

Scholarship endowment
The University of Tokyo, through the UTRIP full internship program, will allocate the following prizes:

  • Full registration.
  • Exemption from participation costs.
  • Full access to research from the University of Tokyo.
  • Complete Japanese language course.
  • Includes free accommodation and meals.
  • Participation certificate.
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Conditions that participants must meet:

  • International students who are studying at universities outside of Japanese territory.
    Be studying a full-time undergraduate or master’s degree.
  • Have time to attend the UTRIP summer internship.
  • Knowledge of the English language, it will be necessary to provide an IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
  • Submit a formal online registration for the full summer internship through the official website of the University of Tokyo.

Instructions to apply:

  1. In order to obtain copies of your transcripts and academic records, it is necessary to provide your personal information, the university you attended, the year of admission, and a comprehensive list of completed courses along with their corresponding grades.
  2. Letter of recommendation.
  3. 700 word personal statement.
  4. Resume that includes a photo and work experience.
  5. Among others.

Are you eager to secure an internship in Japan? Be sure to visit the official website of the University of Tokyo, where you will find all the essential information necessary to secure a spot in this exceptional online training opportunity.


Until January 9, 2024.



Official LINK: University of Tokyo

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